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A border collie herding sheep


Force free training and support for aggressive and reactive dogs

based in Melbourne, Australia.


At Thrive Canine, we understand firsthand that dealing with aggression and reactivity can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging: we have lived with these issues and worked through them personally.

We use only the most up-to-date, force free methods to rehabilitate behaviour issues, and pride ourselves on our extensive qualifications, expertise, and commitment to ongoing education.

A dog trainer is smiling with a border collie


Treating and preventing aggression and reactivity are at the forefront of all our services.

A border collie looks out a window

Behaviour Modification for Aggression & Reactivity

We are multi-qualified in and

highly experienced with a wide range of aggression and reactivity problems including fear aggression, frustration-based reactivity (hyperarousal), intrahousehold aggression, and owner-directed aggression.

Three Shelties sitting

Group Training

We run puppy pre-school classes at the Blackburn Vet in Blackburn, Victoria. Classes are held on Saturday afternoons and are for puppies aged 8-16 weeks. One of our key focuses is to help our class members prevent and mitigate development of aggression and reactivity.

A corgi by the water

Workshops and Seminars

We run workshops and seminars on request, tailored for vets and veterinary staff, groomers, community dog clubs, rescues, and more.

A cavoodle and a border collie participate in dog training.


Sat-Sun: By appointment only.

Servicing within 30 mins of Kilsyth VIC 3137.

Support is just
around the corner.

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